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My vision as the founder of The Happy Banter, is to educate, inspire and empower you to take ownership of your health and wellbeing, through concise, and comprehensive health and wellbeing programs.
Here at The Happy Banter we have created a variety of Programs to support you so that you will learn how to eat well for good health and wellbeing, for the rest of your life. Our system isn’t newly invented, it isn’t a magic pill, it is based on a 150-year old way of eating which was made popular in the 19th Century by a man called William Banting. The Happy Banter offers an old but highly effective idea called eating real food. That is, it should be fresh, and have recognisable ingredients. If you can’t say it, then ideally you do not want to consume it!! But more than that, what we pride ourselves on is the support, education and mind-set change around food.

Here at The Happy Banter, we think many people do not know they are addicted to sugars and carbs, that they might not realise to what extent or what the implications of these “foods” have on our health & wellbeing. We’ve never been told exactly how to rid the addiction or maybe we’ve never really looked at the back of a package to see that sugar is in almost all packaged foods and take aways.

Our 2-week program will help you on the road to kicking the carbs, quitting the downward sugar spiral, and make you feel fabulous! If that feels too extreme initially and you’d like to just get a taster of what real food tastes like, then why not try the Eat & Repeat 7-day Real Food Program!

Also, if you know you’ve tried programs, diet clubs, or the like, before or you feel a little unsure about how you might do the online programs on your own, that’s perfectly fine too. We at The Happy Banter offer one to one support, where ever you are in the world, we can find a way to communicate, skype, facetime, email, phone whatever works best for you (see program details for what’s involved). We want nothing more than for you to succeed with ease. We want you to regain your health and life back so that you can feel confident, and glow, we want you to transform your life, feel healthy and believe in yourself! We believe in you, and we believe in this lifestyle!

Whether your goals are trying to wake up with more energy, get a better night sleep, improve your skin, lose some inches, rid the sugar addiction, get off the dieting see-saw. Whatever your needs, contact us here at The Happy Banter to see if we have a program to suit your needs. We have, and continue to, passionately create motivational programs which are designed to take you through the transformation from your current sugar filled, lethargic life to a life of healthy eating and succeeding with ease, taking action without fear of failing, and to encourage you, our Happy Banters to live a full, healthy and happy life, when you have completed our program.

We at The Happy Banter want you to transform your life, have amazing Health and Believe in yourself!
Do you think you are addicted to sugar and carbs?

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Feeling like you’ve lost vitality and clarity?

Feeling uncomfortable in your body?

Know you need to find a new eating plan, but not motivated to start?

Wondering why you’ve tried so many different plans but failed?

Are you ready to make a change to a better healthier lifestyle, too look good and feel great?
If you’ve answered yes to some or all those questions, then you’ve come to the right please. Here at The Happy Banter we offer a supportive, educational program and most importantly tasty food options (meal plans).

Here are some of the programs currently on offer:

Eat & Repeat 7 Day Program

This comprehensive  program is jam packed with educational information, a weeks’ worth of delicious recipes, shopping list, suggest recipes, weight tracker, meal tracker PLUS a FREE 30-minute strategy session with The Happy Banter

This program gives you all you need to go it alone, try this way of eating and see if you like it.  If you do… Just Repeat it, until you reach your desired goal (better health, more energy, weight loss).

Access to a private Facebook group for on-going support

£77.00 one off payment

(worth over £250)

Supportive start (2 Weeks) COMING SOON

Want to know how much carbs, proteins and fat you should be eating a day? I’ll give you a guide (worth £20 via email, skype or facetime) PLUS a FREE 30-minute strategy session with The Happy Banter

Want a little bit of information on why you are eating this way? I’ll let you know why! Let’s talk 1-hour educational session (worth £90)

2 weeks of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks ideas for 5 days a week

Meal plans every Friday in your inbox, see how you faire with the meal plans all done for you. (worth £150)

Facebook Group Support

£107.00 (worth over £260)

£53.00 per week

Holding your Hand (4 Weeks one to one)

If you want 100% hand holding support, custom made program, and to transform your life with amazing results whatever your goal.  Let’s connect and talk about it.

Call me to discuss the personalised
program 'Holding your Hand'. 

For more information on all these programs, what they involve please email at [email protected] or call me on 01727 572 877.

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Introducing the Eat & Repeat Health & Wellbeing Program 

What people say about Simone ...

"I feel that you were an angel sent to me at just the right time.  You gave me hope from day 1 as soon as we met.  I can never fully convey to you how much you helped at a time when I thought I was going to fall off the edge!   Your knowledge and advice were fantastic, you gave me tools and clarity on self-care that I will always carry though just to know that I finally had support from someone who wouldn't judge me and was there just for me was invaluable. CN"

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