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Life Begins

By: Simone Cohn Published on : March 18th 2016

So before you have kids you think you have a life. Well I realised that life only really begins when you've created it......

After a miscarriage in July 2005 I fell pregnant again pretty quickly. Some say too quickly others say its a good thing. I'm neither here nor there about it.

I worried, I think like most first pregnancies. I didn't enjoy it. I did glow. I was huge! My body was changing. I had pain in my hips and back and neck and regularly saw an osteopath. I found it difficult to connect with this thing inside me, I hated it when it moved, I felt sick and hot all the time, I had indigestion at every bite of food, and waves of panic kept coming over me.

Work Work Work 

By: Simone Cohn Published on: March 19th 2016

I’m gonna forward a few years, no need to go on about how much I disliked being a mum (because that isn’t the case anymore), you also can’t change the past, and no point going on about how I continually felt unwell….. well actually I am going to talk about that because that is a very important part of my story, and not dissimilar to many people who have been through Postnatal Depression and other ailments along the fibro journey ……. and how one gets an eventual diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

The Hopeful Road to Recovery

By: Simone Cohn Published on: March 20th 2016

So, I did get to see a rheumatologist and yes I managed to see him privately, got my parking spot. I remember feeling very anxious about it. I went with my husband, by this point even talking about how I felt meant I’d just burst into tears.

The anxiety and anticipation was overwhelming. The hope I was pinning on this appointment was immense, the fear of being told it was in my head scared me rigid and I was really a mess.

Up come the defenses…… well for at least a few sessions

By: Simone Cohn Published on: March 22nd 2016

So I went to see him, the pain psychiatrist (Professor George Ikkos), I didn’t want to, I went all sour faced and arms folded bit like a child having a strop. I told him what I did and didn’t want to discuss, I told him I was there to talk about how to live for the now, and I told him I didn’t want to be there talking about my past and blablabla. Let’s face it, I think I made it pretty clear to even the most unobservant person on the planet that I didn’t want to be there.

The Roll-Coaster Ride to Realisation

By: Simone Cohn Published on: March 23rd 2016

So, I settled into my room, unpacked my bits and bobs, and had to head to the room where I would be meeting the rest of the people I would be spending 3 weeks with.

I knew nothing about them, didn’t know how many people, what issues they would have, their backgrounds, nothing.

I think I may have been the first in the room. I took my seat, and waited. Slowly a small trickle of miserable faces entered the room with mine. My thoughts “oh shit, this is going to be loooooong 3 weeks!”

Pacing Schmacing

By: Simone Cohn Published on: March 31st 2016

So after my 3 weeks of a life changing experience, I was let loose back into the public life, with my family and friends, and encouraged to put it ALL into practice.

I did my stretches every morning, that was imperative to keeping my pain at bay, to this day I still do some sort of stretching either before I get out of bed, in the shower, or at some point during the day, I now do yoga twice a week for 1.5 each session.

Sad Times, 2015

By Simone Cohn Published on: April 17th 2016

This was a very very busy year for us, we were doing a lot of travelling.  I was working at my kids school as a Teaching Assistant, part time, and loving it.

My mother in law was very sick, she is not based in the same Country as us, and my husband and I felt constantly on edge.  Every time our phones rang, and we saw it was from abroad, our hearts would jump into our mouth.  We had all these massive travel plans, and felt like our lives were on hold.  It was a stressful situation to be in.  We felt selfish and guilty at the thought that we might have to cancel our plans.

Oh Go On Sun, It Ain’t All Bad

By: Simone Cohn Published on: May 16th 2016

So, I’m gonna be a little controversial today. I’m gonna talk about that beautiful thing in the sky that we don’t often see, called The Sun. The other day I had to bite my tongue over a post made about whether the parent should put sun cream on their child before school. Now, don’t get me wrong, before you all gasp and say I’m a bad parent, of course I’m not going to say here that you should not protect your kids from hours of sun exposure. But, I’m here to put a bit of perspective on it. Since Winter, ask yourself, how much sun have you seen? How much sun has your kid seen? Unless you are fortunate enough to get to go to sunnier climates during the winter months usually the answer will be very little sunlight. I know, I know we are told that the sun is bad for us, and it will give us cancer and and and. But actually the Sun has some really wonderful benefits. I’m going to share with you.

Fad or phase - working from the outside in

By: Simone Cohn Published on: December 22nd 2016

Over the years of being a therapist in some capacity I have always looked for an extra external source of income stream, since having kids, at least for the first 5 years of their life it was to find the secret to eternal youth ... I worked with a lovely spa company selling high quality skincare products, Temple Spa, I still use some of their products today even thought I haven't worked with them for years. Why did I stop? Well firstly I'm poop at sales, and I'm not great in group situations so having to teach people how to use the spa products at home and try sell them without selling them just didn't make sense to me, plus I realised Anti-ageing had to come from a slightly deeper level, so I discovered another amazing company called Nu Skin, they offered a handheld machine and used galvanic currents to get specially formulated gels into the skin at a deeper level, amazing. I started using them for myself and for my clients who wanted an amazing deep cleansing facial and anti ageing treatment. This company also sold their machines and that meant yet another opportunity for me to freak out at trying to build a business building a network and a team and selling. Guess what? I'm poop at selling and don't feel happy doing it. Even though I loved the products. So I focused on making myself more knowledgeable in Therapies to help women, like me, who felt flat since having kids and maybe not quite themselves anymore. I love being a bodyworker. I specialised in deep tissue massage and reflexology, and helped many women, building a successful business without the need to sell a product. Well, I was the product and my hands did the selling, so it was easy.

When I had to give up my work due to the pain I had developed over the years, and the eventual diagnosis of fibromyalgia I decided to take the time out and focus on myself, my body and my mind..

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