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Who am I?
I am Simone, and i’m a busy mom, and wife trying to change the world!
I’m not a doctor, a dietitian, or even a nutritional therapist (Yet!), what I am is living proof that if you change the way you eat to include no sugar, low carbs, moderate protein and high (healthy) fats, you WILL improve your health and well being dramatically.

My background in health sciences, and as a bodyworker has always ignited a passion, and desire to help people feel amazing. For 13 years it was with massage and reflexology, until one day I had to make the difficult decision to stop that part of my life, as my eventual diagnosis of fibromyalgia had come to a head. I was broken, both physically and emotionally. I was at breaking point in my life. It didn’t just happen it was years and years of looking after everyone but myself. Years of stress, depression, physical issues, emotional turmoil, and using my passion and love of helping others to suppress my own needs of self-care.

Sadly, it was a rude awakening, and after months of learning pain management techniques with drugs and therapy I was learning that I needed to put myself first. It all helped, and I came out my years of flare up. But it didn’t quite take all my pain away. I hadn’t quite mastered it. I wasn’t really sure what else I could do.

Until back in March 2015, I was introduced to the term Banting, sounded interesting, it was backed by a renowned professor, and it kinda sounded real. My brother in law had been following the idea and looked quite frankly, the healthiest I’d ever seen him look. It was rather an inspiration.

So, after some hurdles like a trip to Disney, it was enough for me to say, OK, I’m done feeling crappy, stiff, achy, bloated, and generally uncomfortable in my body. It was exactly 4th June 2015 when I started the real meal revolution program. It changed my life, and my husband’s life. Not long into it, I was noticing so many positive changes, I wasn’t waking up with my usual ache and pains, my headaches had reduced, I didn’t look swollen and inflamed, my skin and eyes looked brighter. I was starting to feel better, my daily fibromyalgia pain was reducing.

I did this for 4 weeks, and I have never looked back. I have lived and breathed this way of life ever since. It has allowed me to become who I used to be, a balanced, happy, energetic, positive person, who looks and feels great! It allowed my husband to drop 25kg, and me 10kg. I was told I never needed to lose weight, everyone had always seen me as being slim already, but clearly something inside me wasn’t right (probably a lot of CHRONIC inflammation!).

From this I wanted to tell the world, I want everyone to feel amazing, to not think it’s normal to wake up feeling tired, or have dips of energy throughout the day, or to think that living with pain and aches is normal. It doesn’t need to be this way. I started a Facebook group which gained great momentum and spread far and wide. I had friends and family phoning me and asking me how they could make the change, and as they say….. the rest is history.

I now offer one to one support for people ready to change their lives, their mind-sets and improve their health and wellbeing! From that I am also creating online programs for various Do It Yourself programs for different lengths too.

I am so beyond passionate and certain this way of life will only make things better for you. I might not be a doctor or in the medical profession (to be honest you’ll not get this information from them anyway!), but one thing is for sure, I have a vested interesting you your health & wellbeing.

Wishing you positive ways to transform your life, improve your health and believe in yourself

The Happy Banter x

Simone C

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What people say about Simone...

"Thank you so much for your advice, guidance and support!  I really appreciate your time and help you have given me; I couldn’t have done it without you.  THANK YOU. You are an amazing person. From JS"

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